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About Christopedia

Welcome to Christopedia, the True Christian™ Encyclopedia!

What is Christopedia?

Christopedia is a free online encyclopedia dedicated to presenting the Truth™ as revealed through God in the King James Bible of 1611. Our articles cover a variety of subjects, including religion, politics, history, entertainment, and leisure activities.

What makes Christopedia unique?

Unlike other online encyclopedias such as WickedPedophilia and "Conservapedia", we do not allow our articles to be corrupted by liberal bias, the homosexual agenda, or the global Zionist conspiracy. Our articles contain the pure and unfiltered Truth™ straight from Jesus himself, or at least His perfect representatives on this Earth -- us.

Rules and Guidelines

1. Only True Christians™ may edit Christopedia.

If you have not been Saved©, don't even think about editing or creating an article. Any edits made by unsaved trash will be immediately reported, and the IP of said trash reported to the Department of Faith. Possible repercussions for such editing include the filing of treason charges and a one-way trip to the waterboarding facilities at Guantanamo Bay.

2. Do not make any edits that contradict the Holy Bible (KJV1611).

At Christopedia, we are all about following the Bible (KJV1611). Its Word illuminates everything that we do, say, and think; including what we allow others to do, say, and think. Edits that do not reflect a Biblical viewpoint run counter to the spirit of Christopedia and will be immediately reverted. Remember, America is a Christian nation!

3. Do not make any edits that defame the Republican Party or our REAL Commander Chief (not to be confused with the generalissimo of the Kenyan occupation army, Barack Hussien khomeini Obama.

The GOP (God's Own Party) is the only political party in America that cares about Jesus Christ or freedom. Edits that reflect the GOP in a negative light are considered tantamount to treason and will be reported to the Department of Faith immediately, with the names of the editors added to the FBI's Terror Watch List.

4. Do not post pornography or sexually explicit material.

Christopedia is, above all, a family-friendly encyclopedia. While some of our articles contain descriptions of homosexual intercourse that would make Allen Ginsberg queasy, this is purely for educational purposes; ALL pornographic material will be deleted by our editors. This includes any photographs of Hannah Montana or other teen stars in various states of undress -- if you wish to share such pictures, please submit them directly to our administrators via email rather than editing them into Christopedia.

5. Have fun!

We at Christopedia wish you the best, and we hope you make full use of our services in converting all of your friends and acquaintances to Baptist True Christianity. GLORY!

Style recommendations

  • There are a lot of dead links to outside sites, somebody please remove them. In fact, why not remove ALL links to outside sites, which are obviously inferior to Christopedia?
  • Please, no open racism, etc. Learn to hide your racial consciousness and appeal to moderates by using the Republican Code Words.
  • I hate the huge amount of eyeball-squashing detail in wickedpedia and it's wannabes. Don't feel you need to make a huge page, a "stub" (as wickidpedia calls it) is usually good enough.